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Why Organics?

We are all starting to notice the revolution to natural & organic products, but why?  People around the world collectively have begun to question the technology and scary advances that have become the norm in our daily lives.  We eat foods that have been genetically engineered and modified, filled with pesticides, and coated with preservatives so they hit the store shelves faster and at a lower cost.  We filter the water we drink because we don’t want to ingest the bacteria and the harsh chemicals that have been used to treat our water.  We may even be willing to pay the high price of having bottled water, but is that even as “clean” as we think?  We cover our bodies with lotions, soaps, shampoo’s, makeup, and toothpastes that are filled with lathering agents, dyes, toxic chemicals, artificial perfumes or flavors.  We do this because we like to “think” we are taking care of our bodies and they make us look and feel beautiful.  Our household cleaners have been engineered to spray a fine mist out of a bottle, lather, disinfect, dry in seconds, instantly wipe streak-free, preserve color or whiten our clothing and smell great; all at the same time! 

However, there is an expense we pay for all of these luxuries and conveniences.  Unfortunately, that expense is our health!  We now have more cases of disease, illness, and cancer than ever.  More people are dependent upon prescription drugs, including not only our senior citizens but also, sadly, our young children. 

There are many contributing factors as to why our health is in crisis.  However, we can all benefit from taking control, being conscious of what we are putting in and on our bodies, and the environment we live in.  By using organic or natural products, you are choosing your health today and taking preventive measures for a healthy future!  By making this choice, you will greatly reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals your body must defend against on a daily basis.  What we must realize is that nature already has technology that is more sophisticated than we can comprehend!  When you choose organic, you choose nature.

Think Organic, Live Organic!