June 3, 2008

Choosing the Best Vitamins

How does one really know which vitamins are the best quality?  I have been supplementing my diet with vitamins since childhood.  I have used many brands of vitamins that are on store shelves, and many that are offered only through health practitioners.  People often ask me what kind of vitamins they should be taking (i.e. multi, calcium, fish oil, etc.).  I always tell them that the brand of vitamin should be the real concern.  

You must find a quality brand first, and then whichever type of vitamin you take will actually be effective. For example, you could be taking 10 different supplements per day, and only absorb 0-10% of the nutrients stated on the label.  Even worse, you could be absorbing toxic tagalongs from the ingredients or process used to create the vitamins. It’s pointless to focus on which vitamins you need when they might not be working anyway.  I recommend and use, Quantum-Rx vitamins based on their company philosophy, source of ingredients, ingredients used to make the capsule, and packaging materials.

Quantum Rx delivers non-toxic products that work.  They are so effective they are considered nutraceutical grade supplements. All ingredients are from “once living” sources, which provide ideal cellular DNA repair and protection. This is just not possible from old style, isolated vitamin and mineral products. Quantum Rx guarantees that every ingredient was well grown, and 100% chemical-free. They provide extensive research data on their products and ingredients. Each product’s ingredients, quality, form, and synergism with other ingredients are studied to find what really works.     

Ingredients used in Quantum Rx nutraceuticals are only from the highest quality sources.  Quantum tests every single container of raw material using the state-of-the-art photoluminescence device.  If the materials are found to be of inferior quality, they immediately send it back.  Companies that don’t have such technology may unknowingly accept poorly grown, old, or toxic raw materials.

All Quantum Rx supplements come in liquid form, or cased in a 100% excipient-free, solvent-free, vegetable capsule. Vegetable capsules cost twice as much as commonly used gelatin capsules, but are 50% better absorbed than gelatin capsules.  Quantum does not use toxic binders, fillers, talcum powder, polyvinylpyrrolidone, magnesium stearate, toxic waxes or animal bi-products in their capsules. They also do not produce tablet form, as the nature of a tablet must contain excipients.   

Quantum continues to take quality control one-step further.  They have created special “Violite” containers for their supplements.  Each container is a dark violet color, and engineered to block 100% of the light frequencies known to cause nutrient degradation.  The “Violite” containers are nitrogen-flushed to minimize oxidation of powders and liquids.  This provides the supplements protection, freshness, and longer shelf life.      

Quantum is the one brand of supplements that I use on a regular basis. I believe they offer the best quality nutriceuticals in the market.  They don’t miss a beat when it comes to quality ingredients and packaging.  They offer supplements for just about any type of health need. Supplementing with vitamins is ESSENTIAL!  You just cannot get all the proper nutrients your body needs through food alone.  So in order to avoid throwing your money down a black hole while swallowing capsules filled with virtually nothing, I recommend using only high quality, non-toxic, absorbable vitamins.       


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